Our ticketing and badging system uses QR codes. Here’s how it works.

Once a visitor has registered, they can log in and download their QR code to their phone or print it out (please note when printing the QR code that it should not be stretched or cropped, otherwise it will not scan).

The visitor then brings the code to the Reception desk at the show, where it is scanned by the staff. This generates the visitor’s badge, which has another QR code on it. This second QR code contains the visitor’s data in a format similar to vcard, which can be scanned by most smart phones or by a computer and saved as a contact.

Your phone or PC may have software built in that will scan QR codes, or you may need to download a program for this specific purpose.

We have tested the following apps and we can confirm that they will scan our codes:

iPhone/iPad – Qrafter
Android – QR Pal
Blackberry – JaredCo QR Scanner Pro, CodeMuncher
Windows PC – QuickMark

Other apps may work – these are just the ones we have tested. They are all free.

There is a useful list of apps and software here.